The Rt. Rev. Dr. Issac Mar Philoxenos  Episcopa visited The Mar Thoma Church of New Jersey from May 14th through 15th, 2016. This was the first visit of Thirumeni to our parish after taking charge of this diocese. On Saturday Thirumeni visited the old age couple in the nursing home. After that Thirumeni participated in the altar boys and covenant girls meeting and gave necessary advises to them about their calling and the mission that they have to do in the church. Sandhya Namaskaram was arranged at the church in the evening and Thirumeni gave a message about the theme 'rejoice in the midst of the struggles'.   

On Sunday, Thirumeni celebrated Holy Qurbana  and conducted  the first Holy Communion service for two of our youths. Thirumeni gave a message about 'the works of the Holy Spirit during the service.   After the communion service a reception program was arranged for welcoming the new Diocesan Episcopa. Fellowship lunch was arranged after the reception.Thirumeni met with the parish executive committee members and asked them about the activities of the parish. The meeting was concluded with the prayer and benediction of Thirumeni. 


Rev. Philip P Mathew assisted Thirumeni  during all program.










Jesus said “You are the Light of the World”. Every believer and member of the Mar Thoma Church should take up the responsibility to lighten others and hence our motto – Lighted to Lighten.

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