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Title Name
President Rev. Philip P. Mathew
Vice President Alex George
Secretary Alex Mathew
Trustee Meenathethil Jacob
Accountant Ashok Idiculla
Lay Leaders (Malayalam) Benny Varghese
Lay Leaders (English) George Koshy
Sabha Mandalam Benny Varghese
DiocesanAssembly Prakash Thomas
Edavaka Mission George Varugheese
Choir Annamma Karringatill
Sevika Sanghom Noby A. Byju
Youth Fellowship Roy Samuel
Sunday School Elizabeth George
Prayer Group Reps
Prayer Group A Thomas J. Mullassaril
Prayer Group A Shincy Philip
Prayer Group B Jeny Prakash
Prayer Group B Preethy Renny Thomas
Prayer Group C Shaffi Varghese
Prayer Group C Neitha George


Jesus said “You are the Light of the World”. Every believer and member of the Mar Thoma Church should take up the responsibility to lighten others and hence our motto – Lighted to Lighten.

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